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Overview of SAFETALK
SAFE– Suicide Alertness For Everyone

SAFETALK is one of three programs designed by LivingWorks of Canada to teach members of a community to recognize persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources. The goal is make as many people as possible in the community suicide alert. Program concepts are based on scientific studies of what works to help suicidal individuals.

The program contains concepts useful for both professional and non professional audiences.

The Life Side struggling with the Death Side
SAFETALK assumes that persons with thoughts of suicide are ambivalent (of two minds) about suicide. While part of them may want to escape life, another part wants to live, or at least, wants to avoid dying. A simple conversation with a person who will listen provides an opportunity to relieve the stress and can prevent a suicide.

TALK- Tell – Ask – Listen – KeepSafe.

Tell and Ask starts the alertness process. They bring the thoughts of suicide out into the open and signal to the person with thoughts of suicide that the alert helper wants to help.

Listening activates and strengthens the part of the person that wants to avoid death and keep on living.

KEEPSAFE supports the part that wants help by taking leadership in making a connection with someone who can perform a suicide intervention.

SAFETALK helps participants become an Alert Helper.

An Alert Helper:

  • Is aware that opportunities to help a person with thoughts of suicide are sometimes missed, dismissed and avoided for various reasons.
  • Has an increased comfort level to help persons with thoughts of suicide.
  • Recognizes when a person might be having thoughts of suicide.
  • Knows how to engage a person with thoughts in direct and open talk about suicide.
  • Knows how to listen to a person with thoughts of suicide.
  • Knows contact information of local referral sources.
  • Is able to move quickly to connect the person with thoughts of suicide to someone trained in suicide intervention.

After participation in safeTALK, participants who desire more intensive training in suicide intervention strategies may want to take ASIST, a 2 day seminar available from the CSARA Foundation. This program can be presented to your company or organization upon request.

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