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 interview300 < Interview Room
Interviews with the child are conducted here and a trained Forensic Interviewer will do the interviews.
Children’s Wall >  childrens-wall300
 observation-room300  < Observation Room
This is where Law Enforcement and/or DHS
will observe the interview of the child.
Multi-Disiplinary Team Meeting Room >  mdtmroom-300
children-med-room300 < Child Medical Room
Medical exams are conducted here, if necessary; by a
trained Sexual Abuse Examiner. Only those children who disclose during an interview or are under age of three.
A Family Advocate will be available to the non-offending caregiver throughout the process.
Adult Medical Room > adultmedicalroom-300
waitingroom300   < Waiting Room
This is where the family of the child will sit and
wait until the interview is done. If necessary;
Non-offending Parent/Guardian may be with
child during medical exam.
Playground >
Our nice outdoor play area for the children.


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